Golf fan? Neither are we. But we have to admit that Let's Golf 2 actually looks kind of fun, mostly because it's not a "dead serious" golf game (translation: boring), but rather more in the vein of "lets have fun with this". We're okay with that. As we wrote earlier on the game:

"First revealed during E3 in June, Let’s Golf 2 is a port of the popular iPhone game. It’s got attractive and stylized 3D graphics (based on Sony’s Hot Shots Golf series), 8 different golfers, and 6 courses containing a total of 108 holes in total. That’s a lot of golfing!"

Indeed. The game is a massive 168MB in size, so get your WiFi ready for the download. Now grab your white pants, gloves and head over here to the Marketplace to get downloading, you'll want to start before the sunrise!