Many gamers were justifiably excited about the release of Let’s Golf 2 this week. Let’s count the reasons: it’s a high-quality golf game and clone of Hot Shots Golf, the 3D graphics are pretty for a mobile title, and it proves that Gameloft continues to support Windows Phone, if only a tiny bit. Every new title Gameloft produces (even semi-B-list stuff) potentially brings us one step closer to getting their newer stuff like Dungeon Hunter III, we can only hope.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Let’s Golf 2 is extremely borked. I also hate saying ‘bork,’ but we’re a family-friendly site. While the game looks and plays great, its Xbox Live functionality is completely broken. Busted leaderboards are one thing, but we’re talking Achievements here! You can view them just fine and they pop in-game, but they aren’t associated with your GamerTag. That makes ‘em useless, sadly.

We’ve contacted Microsoft and Gameloft about Let’s Golf 2’s problems and will update when they respond or the game’s online features get fixed. In the meantime, Achievement hunters might want to hold off on playing this one. 

UPDATE: A Microsoft representative has informed us that they're aware of the Let's Golf 2 online issues and are actively working to resolve them.

UPDATE 2: We have a report in from Brian M., that the LIVE achievement and leaderboards are now working.