LG has LG CEO:

Shed a tear for LG?

Back in April, we heard that LG was going to focus their efforts on making Android phones, prompting us to wonder if we would see any Windows Phone 8 devices from the Korean manufacturer at all. Today at their official Optimus G launch, CEO Park Jong Seok seemed to lean toward the negative, saying that LG has "no specific plans for other mobile platforms." While that doesn't completely rule out Windows Phone 8 all together, it sure doesn't sound promising.

LG made a couple of popular WP7 devices, the Quantum, which was one of only three QWERTY sliders to use Windows Phone, and the Optimus 7. Other LG models include the Jil Sander E906, the so-called "fashion phone" and the E740 prototype, which never saw the light of day.

Park Jong Seok emphasized LG's close relationship with Google. He said he was aware of the ongoing patent wars between Mobile OS makers and that Google has "strong LTE and UI patents compared with its competitors." He did not say whether or not it was these patents or other factors that have lead to the decision to stick with Android.

Well, LG, it's sad to see you go, but que sera, sera. What do our readers think? Will LG be missed from the Windows Phone family?

Source: LG, Via: CNET