Although the title makes it sound like the LG eXpo's ROM (see review) is now single and ready to mingle with the ladies, in pseudo-technical parlance it means its OS and LG custom goodies have been extracted. 

What usually happens next is similar to vultures: ROM chefs swoop in and tear apart the remains, pulling out all of LG's unique software (Music player, LGIdles UI, Mutli-task application, etc.) and then cooking into their own ROMs or re-distributing the software as standalone .cab files.

Fine line between piracy and having fun. Or is it?

Regardless of the moral and legal quandaries, you can head here to XDA and give a big thanks to Chainfire and manelscout4life who did the big deed.  Actually, having Chainfire on board is great news because now he can adapt his brilliant Direct 3D driver file to this phone, which I and others have verified doesn't play nice with the LG Idle UI.  Adding Chainfire's Direct 3D patch has a quite prominent increase in performance on the already robust Snapdragon CPU, as seen with the HD2.

Finally, custom ROMs still require the additional component of a Hard SPL, of which none is currently in sight for this little gem. We'll keep following though.

[Thanks Joao S. for the tip!]