A confession about the LG Incite: we have one at WME HQ, but can't bring ourselves to give it a closer look or a review because it's just so... meh to us. This is not an opinion shared by all of our readers, however, as we've had some interaction with a few (Hi Chris, Joe!) who are pretty happy with theirs.

So as a service to you, the lonely LG Incite owner, we are telling you that you are not alone and that the SMS bug you're encountering is not your fault. From inside AT&T:

Customers who have purchased the LG CT810 (Incite) have had errors when attempting to send a SMS message in some locations. Customers with this issue have seen the following message “Your text message can not be sent” and the message is not sent. LG is correcting a setting in the device to correct this issue.

We don't like to hear such things about any WM device, much less one that might actually be a sleeper hit for AT&T since it's fairly inexpensive and there's no official Diamond on the network to compete with it. Here's to hoping LG gets the fix out soon. In the meantime -- anybody run into this on the Incite or other devices? Perhaps there's a RegEdit that could help?