We've received confirmation that the LG Incite is indeed suffering from a serious SMS issue. Apparently, the Incite is set up to send SMS messages over GPRS, while AT&T is only able to handle them over traditional GSM means.  Well, technically, AT&T can handle SMS over traditional GSM or over 3G networks, but can't send them via EDGE.  So the upshot is this: If you're in a 3G area, you should be fine.  If you're not in 3G, sorry for your luck.

Good news is now that AT&T has figured out what the issue is, they can work with LG on a resolution.  Meanwhile, here are some ways to get that rassin-frassin SMS to send, none of them pleasing:

  • If you're within 30 days, take the Incite back and get it replaced with a different WinMo phone that, you know, is able to send SMS messages reliably
  • Get to a 3G area, resend
  • Call AT&T and remove your data plan from the account, forcing the device to fall back to the traditional GSM sending method
  • ...and our personal favorite: Place a call and then send the SMS while in call.  Since you can't both have EDGE data open and be on a call at the same time, the Incite will fall back to the traditional GSM sending method.  We recommend calling the person you're sending to, letting them know they can finally expect your reply to their text.  Giggle.

Anybody out there run into this particular bug?