LG Fantasy

LG has informed CNET the company has no immediate plans to support Windows Phone 8 with new hardware. While the company remains open to using Microsoft's platform in the future, it doesn't see high enough demand for another smartphone to be released. This sounds odd since Samsung (also arguably a rather conservative OEM partner) is pushing its ATIV S and Odyssey Windows Phones.

This is interesting, since it was only last month that Korea Times suggested LG would indeed be returning to the Windows Phone platform and will launch a new smartphone later this year. This was contrast to what LG CEO Park Jong Seok stated (which matches today's report), that LG has "no specific plans for other mobile platforms." Meaning the company was set to focus on pushing forward with Android.

LG was one of the first manufacturing partners to work with Microsoft on Windows Phone when the platform launched in 2010. It's no secret that the platform has experienced a slow adoption rate with consumers since the beginning, which is due to a number of reasons that we'll save for a drunken Windows Phone Central podcast.

Windows Phone has grown considerably in awareness lately, which we would have thought to be the main reason for the possible return of LG. Then one has to look at the close relationship that Microsoft and Nokia has built - could this have made LG to rethink its support for the platform? A company representative has stated that "when there's a significant market for it, we will be on board." One has to ask just how much interest is required?

What can be added to this story to make it just that much more ironic? LG has jumped into bed with Mozilla, pledging support for Firefox OS.

Source: CNET; thanks, Kyle, for the tip!