Wow, so looks like that whole back and forth on whether Windows Phone 7 could tether is turning out to be settled: of course it can, they just hid it.

Much like the Samsung Focus and Omnia 7, the LG Optimus 7 has also been shown to be able to USB Tether as a modem. Once again, it's a bit tricky, requiring some drivers to download and tinkering with a diagnostic menu, but overall is pretty straightforward.

Directions are posted after the break.

There's a good chance that the LG Quantum will be able to do the same, seeing as they are essentially sister devices. Considering how cheap the Quantum is going for on Amazon Wireless (that'd be  1 cent), it might be a good investment.

Now we're all looking at HTC and Dell....fellas?

Source: SmartphoneFrance; via wmpoweruser

  1. Unlock your LG Optimus 7 to access the program MFG (i.e. this is the passcode)
  2. Download and install drivers for LG modem on your PC
  3. Turn off the data connection (Settings / Network Mobile)
  4. Start MFG and go to the menu "USB Switching" (Menu Engineer / Port Setting)
  5. Select the "QC COMPOSITE" and validate (The phone restarts)
  6. Connect it to the PC which is then automatically install the necessary drivers
  7. Go into the modem settings "LGE CDMA USB Modem" then add an additional parameter in the string + CGDCONT = 1, "IP", "orange"
  8. Manually create a new connection using that modem as phone number * 99 #
  9. And normally it should work:)