We know that developers will be able to start submitting their Mango-versions of their app to the Marketplace begging this week, but what's not clear is if OEMs would have the same limitations. A reason to ask that is because OEMs always seem to get a little lead time and also deeper access to the OS than regular 3rd party devs.

A few tips have come in noting that LG's catalog of apps have been quietly getting version bumps in the last few days, specifically ScanSearch which is their feature-rich augmented reality app. Sure enough, we fired up our LG Quantum with Mango 7720 on board and downloaded v1.9 of the app and noticed two things:

  • We get a compatibility warning stating that our phone doesn't have a compass
  • Fast app switching/resume now works with the app

Those two things right there tell us that indeed, this app is now Mango-compatible. Interestingly, other apps such as LG's Today and Weather & Clock do not offer instant resume, meaning those still need a refresh.  However, when we installed LG's Metro Scanner app we get a "Device does not support compass" warning upon launch and that app also supports fast resume, meaning it too is now Mango compatible. We suppose it makes sense that their two augmented reality apps get update so that presumably that folks can test new LG hardware that will feature more robust compass and gyroscope support.

Interesting to see that OEMs can sneak those apps in the Marketplace. We should also mention that we've heard that some HTC apps have also been updated, but we could not verify that they were Mango compatible as they lacked fast-resume. Thanks, Ahmed, for the tip!