Marketing is a game. And Apple's Phil Schiller is one of the best. But we just can't let this one go.

As we were sifting through all of the (excellent) WWDC coverage at The iPhone Blog, we couldn't help but be struck by this slide in the keynote. It's a look at how many applications are currently available for different platforms in their respective app stores.

What? Palm only has 18 apps? OK, the app store for the Pre is all of four days old at this point. (Three days old at the time of the keynote.) And it's growing day by day. But that's still blatantly ignoring the thousands and thousands of Palm "classic" apps that will run in the Pre's emulator. Shenanigans.

And what's worse (to us, anyway): Windows Mobile isn't even mentioned. Sure, Microsoft hasn't yet launched its dedicated app store, Windows Marketplace for Mobile. But that doesn't mean there aren't stores from which to buy apps – ahem, here's one – and it's an insult to all of the developers of the 20,000 Windows Mobile applications available.

We're gonna climb off our soapbox now. Cause in the end, it's all part of the game. But we'll call it as we see it: It's out and out BS for Apple to play numbers like that (gasp!), and even more disappointing to see so many take the spoon into their mouths without question.


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