Just over a week ago we noted that Microsoft had added a new Surface Book model under the SKU 128 GB Core i5 with dGPU. The variant was unique in that it was relatively cheap at $1,699 but still had a dedicated Nvidia GPU for extra performance.

The model has now disappeared from the Microsoft Store and some users still have not yet received their shipment. The concern some buyers have was that this version of the Surface Book was offered in error. We reached out to Microsoft and luckily that is not the case:

"We made a limited number of 128 GB Core i5 dGPU Surface Book SKUs available in the U.S. and quickly sold through stock. Microsoft will fulfill orders of the product, and customers can expect shipment notices upon the time of shipment." – Microsoft Spokesperson

As of this morning, that version of the Surface Book is still not offered on the Microsoft Store meaning it could be a few weeks before it comes back, if at all. Those who did get an order in, however, should be okay. That version of the Surface Book offered lower storage than the similarly priced 256GB version, but the dedicated GPU was a bonus for some users.

We'll keep you posted if that SKU returns to the Store.

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