LINE Windows Phone

We’ve got nearly every major messaging platform on Windows Phone. Outside of iMessage, BBM, and whatever chat app Google is pushing we’ve got them all. WhatsApp and Skype are arguably the most popular, based on anecdotal evidence from you all in comments. But LINE Messenger is pretty popular too. In fact, the service boasts some 280 million users in over 231 countries. It’s also just been updated on Windows Phone. Let’s check out what’s new.

The last update for LINE came out about in late October and was important for adding voice call support. Today we’re looking at an update that brings the app to version in the Windows Phone Store.

This particular update is listing “bug fixes and performance improvements” in the changelog. Vague, but it’s always nice to see developers updating their software on Windows Phone. Avid LINE user? Let us know if you notice any changes with this latest update in the comments below.

Want to join LINE? It’s available for free on both Windows Phone 7.x and 8. Grab it in the Windows Phone Store, use the QR code, or swipe to the right in our app.