The series finale of Breaking Bad is on the minds of many viewers, and to celebrate the developer Liquid Daffodil has placed numerous Windows Phone apps into the "free" basket for consumers. The developer has launched multiple sales and free deals in the past, but we're glad to see many more are on the way. So, which apps can you download for free over the next 24 hours?

Here are the links for all five Liquid Daffodil apps affected by this "Breaking Free" offer:

If you'd rather use QR codes, check them out below. Remember that the apps will go free for 24 hours, so be sure to act quickly. If the apps aren't yet free for you, let the store catch up and for the prices to reflect the deal.

QR: Cumulotweetus     QR: Flyby!

QR: JamTiles     QR: Nate & Frenchy's Random Axe

QR: Piehole