Liquid Daffodil is best known for their incredibly random, but useful Windows Phone apps (let's not get started on branding). The developer has got in touch with us to reveal numerous new apps that are well on the way to the Windows Phone Store. One of these apps is called piehole, a unique app that enables you to enjoy random Vines submitted by the community.

So who is piehole for? Do you enjoy browsing through Vine entries on the likes of 6Sec? Well, piehole will enable you to catch random submissions in a new and unique experience. Instead of focusing on just people you follow, who could well publish similar content, piehole lets you go slightly random and trust the app to provide you with some interesting Vines to view. 


Since piehole interacts with the Vine community, integration with 6Sec, a popular unofficial Vine client for Windows Phone, is also featured. Find a Vine you like? Favourite it, share it with friends or open directly with 6Sec and start following that user. The beauty of piehole is that because it's all random, you'll never know what you'll come across next. Be it random, crazy, weird, boring or hilarious.

The app itself is real nice looking, but simple in functionality. You fire piehole up, connect to Twitter and away you go. Utilising similar touches to 6Sec, swiping left (or right) on each Vine listing will reveal sharing (retweet), like and 6Sec options. Searching is also featured, simply type in more than 5 letters and you'll be greeted by a bunch of results relevant to the query.

Ready to enjoy Vines in a new and random way? Grab piehole from the Windows Phone Store for $0.99 using the link or QR code below. We've also been told that Piehole will also be available for Windows 8.

QR: Piehole