Who would have thought that even on Windows Phone 7, people would be eager to "tweak the registry", an expression all to familiar with Windows Mobile users?

Yes, that's right folks, over at XDA a list of entries are being identified, collected and accumulated for all sorts of little things, even though to us, WP7 feels pretty good without much need for "tweaking". Of course there are caveats--not all Windows Phones can do this yet as they don't have write to registry access and it's not nearly as simple as days past where you just launched a reg-editor. No, this involves having an unlocked device, create a provxml and provision the device--yeah, so early stages.  Here's a list of things so far that have been identified:

  • Increase max number of unsigned apps
  • Enable Wifi 11n
  • Caller ID issue fix (?)
  • Unlock Hidden option in ease of access settings.
  • Set AutoData
  • Prevent Re lock for ChevronWP7 unlocked device
  • Disable System Logs For best performance (useful on HD2)
  • Glyph cache entry (Famous on WM6)
  • Notification & sound volume

Sounds interesting and sounds too difficult for most right now, so we'll leave this to MS. Still, it's interesting to see no matter how good an OS is, people want more.

Source: XDA