The Tech Informist

The Tech Informist is a relatively new podcast that focuses on tech news with informative guests. Mary Jo Foley was their first guest on episode one, and now our very own Daniel Rubino sat down for the sixth episode. Listen (or watch) as Daniel talks Windows 10, WPCentral and more with co-hosts JJ Hammond and Kevin Harvell.

Here's the description for episode 6 of The Tech Informist:

In this episode we get a little background on how WPCentral came to be what it is today, what persuaded Daniel to get into journalism, what his thoughts are on the recently released Windows Technical Preview (Windows 10), and what the future holds for WPCentral. And of course there was a lot of Microsoft & Windows Phone talk mixed in as well.

Hey Sam, where's your podcast? Good question. We're lazy (and busy!), we hate Google (especially Hangouts) and Jay is British. Those are our excuses for now, but we hear you, and we know we need to start it up again. Not only start it up, but stick to it.

Anyways, watch Daniel on the latest episode of The Tech Informist and let us know what you think of the show!