Little is a hyper-local service that helps you find the best deals on restaurants, movies, hotels, salons, gyms, spas, et al. around you. At the moment, the app has over 5000 merchants enrolled across 11 cities in India. The app helps you to find a deal, pay for it through the app, and redeem it with the merchant.

Little uses your location to show the best deals near you, and the app can also alert you when a significant discount comes up in your neighborhood. All you need to do is fire the app, buy a deal, and redeem it immediately.

The latest update bumps the app to version and adds several UI enhancements. The new home screen looks fantastic, and the user experience is pretty good too. There's also the ability to find deals on Last Minute Hotels.

Also, with the new version, you can buy most deals by paying the full amount through the app via the Paytm integration, and redeem at the merchant for a cashless experience. Of course, there's also 'pay-a-little' deals. Items can be bought by paying just a token amount through the app, and paying the balance to the merchant directly when you redeem the deal.

Little is a pretty nicely designed app – it's colorful, and the user experience is very intuitive and seamless. If you are a deal digger, this should be a definite app for you to check out. At the moment, the number of superb deals are limited. The company though claims that they are working very hard to get us the best discounts on the services that most of us use the most. The number of the merchants would obviously grow too. Give it a whirl, and let us know how you like it.

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