As with several of the launch apps for Windows Mixed Reality, Littlstar is a cross-platform effort that has made a name for itself on other VR platforms.

You won't find anything that reinvents the wheel, but what you will find is a slick experience with some of the best quality immersive content around. And that makes it an essential if you're new to Mixed Reality.

Your virtual cinema


The key to navigating apps like these is simplicity. Everything in Littlstar is very clearly laid out with featured content in the middle, categories on the left and channels on the right. There are big names here, too.

HBO, Showtime, Discovery and much more all have 360-degree content to view as part of Littlstar's offering. A personal favorite is the "Asteroids" short, a cartoon built for VR. But there's also WWE content, the Mr Robot VR experience, live music and much, much more.

Our pals at VRHeads are big fans:

When it comes to content, Littlstar really isn't fooling around. You get access to awesome videos that promo new movies, like The Mummy, as well as content from places like SyFy, Discovery VR, and Showtime. All of the videos on Littlstar are separated into categories, making it easy to find precisely what you want to watch when you want to watch it. From Sports to Travel, to Documentaries, there are literally dozens of amazing videos that will take you to places you never even dreamed of, all with the simple click of a button.


It's not just other people's content, too. Littlstar allows you to load up your own content to enjoy alongside that which it offers.

You're also able to control Littlstar with a controller as you can any other Windows Mixed Reality apps, but it also has support for voice navigation so you can kick back and go completely hands-free.

Room for improvement


The content inside Littlstar is second to none. It's arguably the single strongest repository for AAA VR media content and there's a lot to enjoy in this slick, easy to use app. But there's one area, in particular, I'd love to see an improvement.

There are no options to change video quality, and while in some cases it's fine, in others the video is either almost unwatchable because it's so low-res. There's also the bandwidth question, and sometimes folks have to sacrifice resolution to balance against their bandwidth.


The in-player controls, in general, are a little basic, and it's not immediately obvious how you go back to home either (FYI you press the button on the inside of the motion controller to do so.) It's a great looking app, but it could use a couple of refinements in how you interact with it.

It's also a free download, so if you have a Mixed Reality headset and you're looking for some high-quality content to try it out with, then give Littlstar a download.

Download from the Microsoft Store