Remember how we mentioned our excitement over Microsoft's Live Mesh mobile client? It's been released (along with the Mac client).

From the Live Mesh blog:

We are delighted to release our client software for Mac OS X (10.5.1 or higher) and Windows Mobile (6.0 and 6.1). Because these are both significant new software investments for us, we’re going to only provide them on a limited basis for now (and mobile is restricted to only US or UK to start.) If you get a message saying that we’re at full capacity for these clients, keep an eye on the blog here. We’ll post updates as we increase availability over the coming months.

Catch that? It's out on a limited basis, at least at first, and only available in the U.S. (here) and U.K. (here). If you're already using Live Mesh, log in to your account and add the mobile client.

In other LM news, the WAP access, about which we've previously reported, is now an official feature. Check out the rest of the update features here.

We'll have more on the mobile client in the near future. In the meantime, check out a video after the jump from the Live Mesh team.

Update: I've got it loaded on the phone just fine. Looks like just a true client of what we've already seen from Catch is, it won't connect. And there doesn't appear to be any way to re-enter your username and password, which is bad. But I don't think that's my problem. (Patience, however, is.)

Ori Amiga: Mesh Mobile