We'd like to say that this Samsung i325 (Codename: “Ace”) is more exciting than the last time it popped up. Sadly, we cannot. What we can say is that it's exactly what we expected, a BlackJack-alike for Sprint's network - right on down to the original scroll wheel on the side instead of the BlackJack II's newer, trendier, and better 5-way/scroll wheel combo.

The info on Samsung i325 camera, QWERTY keyboard and OS was spot-on. And Samsung SPH-i325 also has microSD memory card slot, non-touchscreen display, thumb-wheel navigation, Bluetooth and EvDO data support

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Phone Scoop reported that it's already passed the FCC, too, so get prepared by, um... taking a nap or something. We're guessing (read: hoping) that it will debut at a low price point, though we won't hazard a guess at when.