You have your Twitpic for Twitter sharing, Skydrive for backup, Bubblegum for sharing single photos, Flickr for the serious stuff and now you have LiveShare.

What's LiveShare? Good question, we were curious too and if you watch the above demo, you should get an idea. Based on BlueVia platform and Windows Azure, it's a way for you and your group of friends or co-workers to share a photo-stream via your phones. Say you all went to a party last night or some event, you can create a group and then your cohorts can add photos to it:

  • Start a photo stream for any occasion
  • Invite friends to share photos into your stream
  • Then watch everyone's photos flow in live

LiveShare is the answer to the question, “Where's everyone’s photos from the party?”

With LiveShare, it's easy for you and your friends to snap photos at parties, get-togethers and other shared experiences, and enjoy them all in one place, in real-time. No more need to hunt through emails, social networks and photo sites to see everyone’s photos.

Whether it’s the bachelor party that needs to stay in Vegas, seeing what your best friends are doing right now or your group ski trip, LiveShare lets you create groups anytime and invite as many or few friends as you like to view and contribute to your shared photo streams.

The app is certainly polished and since it's free, there's really no commitment. Oh and it IS on Android and iPhone, meaning all your friends can join in. It also looks to have notifications for new activity. Sweet. Downside? It uses Facebook to login, blech. Take it for a spin here in the Marketplace. Thanks, @depper2k, for the heads up Go to for more info.