LivingSocial for Windows Phone

In June, 2013 the Groupon-like site LivingSocial released an app for Windows Phone 8. Although not quite as popular as Groupon, LivingSocial ( did have its fans. However, that 1.0 version of the app never saw a single update and nearly two years later, the company has pulled the app from the Windows Phone Store.

It does not take too long to realize why, either. The app had apparently broken as many recent reviews reported "no network connection," making the LivingSocial app all but useless for its customers.

LivingSocial likely had the app built by an outside party, probably contracted through Microsoft. Instead of hiring a developer to maintain the app, LivingSocial abandoned it and hoped for the best. Now that the app has ceased functioning, they are likely without recourse to offer an immediate fix due to not having a dedicated developer.

The loss of the Windows Phone app is also not a shift in the company's mobile strategy, as the iOS version of LivingSocial was updated just last month with support for ApplePay.

LivingSocial was never one of our top apps and with just 184 reviews on the Store, it never did seem to catch up to the branding of Groupon. Speaking of, Groupon for Windows Phone has not had an update in 8 months as it too withers on the Store with increasingly negative reviews.

Windows 10 cannot come fast enough.

Thanks, rprs78, for the tip!