Lockscreen+ for Windows Phone 8

We’re starting to lose track of the number of apps that let you update your lockscreen, but one that has been a favorite among a lot of readers has been Locksider+, which just got an update today. The update brings a handful of fan requested features to this handy Windows Phone 8 app.

If you aren’t familiar with Locksider+, it’s a lockscreen app from developer Liquid Daffodil that allows you to change your lockscreen wallpaper and have your temperature displayed.

Aesthetically, the app is the same, the two biggest improvements to Locksider+ are the ability to download the photos locally to the phone and switch the temperate to Celsius. Liquid Daffodil has always been focused on pleasing the users, so those features were added at the request of everyone using the app.

The update also fixes issues when your Local Region number format uses commas instead of periods (0,00) that was causing Weather updates to fail .

You can download the app for $1.50 in the Windows Phone Store here or use the QR code below to pick it up.

QR: Locksider


What’s your favorite lockscreen app right now?