LockWidgets 8 Windows Phone

LockWidgets 8, the side project by Jaxbot from the site Windows Phone Hacker, has been bumped to version 1.1 after being out for just a few days. The app has had numerous bugs fixed with this update and the big feature: added Celsius support.

Yes to the dismay of many, the original version only had Fahrenheit, meaning a good portion of the globe was not inclined to use the otherwise stellar app. That has now been fixed with an override function found in the settings menu for the app. [Edit: see Jaxbot's comment below for clarification]

LockWidgets 8 allows users to add the current temperature as well as tomorrow’s as a simple, corner number for high visibility. Optionally, you can also add your current battery level including an estimate on remaining time. For the background, users can select from Bing, NASA or use their own while adding “weather effects” to spice it up a bit. The project grew out of some homebrew attempts but with recent changes and programming abilities in Windows Phone 8, the app can now be released to the public.

The app fetches for $0.99 with a free trial and so far, we’ve been very happy with its performance and its look. Pick it up here in the Store for Windows Phone 8. 

QR: LockWidgets 8