I can't tell you how often the follow scenario plays out in my head:

Pal-o-mine: Dieter, my phone is acting weird. It seems to do XYZ.
Me: Oh, I think that's probably issue Q. Jump into the connection settings.
Pal-o-mine: Uh.
Me: Hit the Start button, then settings.
Pal-o-mine: Uh. Maybe you could come over?

Sigh. That's the price you pay for being an 'expert.' Ah well. LogMeIn, they of the easy-to-use over-the-web remote desktop services, have announced that they're coming out with a similar service for smartphones. As in: you tether your Windows Mobile phone to your computer, install their little app, and then somebody can remotely operate the smartphone over the web. It sounds like a mash-up of Remote Desktop and SOTI Pocket Controller Pro, and I approve. I'd approve more if I were an IT director in charge of supporting a large set of these phones, though. That's their target, and if it works I suspect they'll hit it square.

The support technician directs the device owner to a webpage, where a small applet is downloaded to the mobile device. The end user is provided a connection code that can be given before connecting to the Internet or while speaking on a land line. The technician then connects to the mobile device to gain complete control. At this point, the technician can make fixes, update software, conduct training sessions or configure settings - even view the display and use the keypad, as if the phone were in his hand.

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