The add-on allows players to experience a brand new storyline from the perspective of the iconic chef. Episode Ignis is set against the backdrop of the Trial of Leviathan. According to Square Enix, as Noctis lies unconscious, Ignis faces his own battle through the streets of Altissia. The gameplay includes a lot of fast-paced action and countless enemies. The whole episode is a race against time to protect Noctis, who can't defend himself.

Some of the new features in Episode Ignis are as follows.

  • Ignis' spelldaggers can be imbued with elemental properties, and his unique ability called "Total Clarity" allows him to target and attack multiple enemies at once.
  • A new Comrade named Ravus will join forces with Ignis, putting allegiances aside in order to save the ones they care about.
  • Episode Ignis features multiple endings, allowing players to see a different outcome of events.

In addition to the release of the expansion, the December Final Fantasy XV update adds character swapping to the main game. Unlocked through an ability node, character swapping allows you to take complete control of the three main comrades in battles.

Free updates are also available for the online multiplayer expansion. "Time Quest" now allows players to defeat as many enemies within the allotted time and exchange those rewards for perks.

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