Hitting Steam early access in 2014, and Xbox One game preview in 2015, The Long Dark is finally ready for the prime time with the first instalment of its episodic story mode, dubbed Wintermute.

The Long Dark takes place in the ice-blasted north of Canada, where a geological catastrophe has created unnaturally cold weather. Crash landing in a landscape with procedurally generated creatures, loot, and resources, it's up to you to survive the cold for as long as possible, moving throughout the game's sizable maps in search of shelter, firewood, and food.

Seeing The Long Dark grow into what it is today has been nothing short of delightful, and even in early access, the game has given me some of my strongest and fondest memories of gaming on Xbox One. The launch trailer for The Long Dark is officially here, and it's as sobering and mysterious as the game itself.

From here, The Long Dark will enjoy episodic content that challenges the player's survival skills as well as their morality, navigating life or death decisions that impact the other characters in the narrative.

The game's signature survival mode has dozens of square miles of explorable terrain, with more on the way post-launch.

The Long Dark is available now for PC and Xbox for $35.99. If you're a fan of survival games, even in early access, this is a must-buy.

The Long Dark: Beginner's Guide

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