For those who don't keep track of these things, Long Zheng curates the popular iStartedSomething blog, works on the popular MetroTwit desktop app and makes up 1/3 of the ChevronWP7 team. Having been unable to find a speedometer app that he was pleased with in the Marketplace, he took it upon himself to design and code up to meet his standards. That's how Speedo Plus was born and features the following:

  • Supports both metric (km/h) and imperial (mph) measurements.
  • Windscreen mode optimized for glass projection
  • Charts speed over time
  • Calculates moving average and maximum speed during trip
  • Map underlay feature
  • Tap and hold screen for additional options

The app is pretty slick and free with no ads or you can purchase it for $0.99 (think of it as donation-ware). Definitely worth a spin. Grab it here in the Marketplace.

Source: iStartedSomething