Microsoft Edge

Microsoft has released the 10158 preview build of Windows 10 for the PC, and it includes a new version of the company's Edge web browser. This version officially has the Edge branding for the first time, ditching the old "Project Spartan" code name.

Here's what else is new in this latest version of Microsoft Edge:

  • Background audio playback is now supported
  • Tabs can now be dragged and dropped to a new window
  • You can now have a Home button via Settings > Advanced Settings and turn on "Show the home button"
  • We've added the ability for you to import favorites/bookmarks from other browsers into Microsoft Edge
  • There are new options for changing what you see when you first start Microsoft Edge
  • There are new customizations for the New Tab page. You can choose to either see top sites and suggested content – or just top sites.
  • We've added password and form-fill support. Microsoft Edge now lets you manage your passwords for your favorite websites
  • You can now choose a Light or Dark theme
  • Web Notes can now be saved to One Note
  • Reading Lists now appear on the New Tab Page

There are also a couple of known issues with the new version of Edge. One is that it uses a new app ID that might cause any favorites, cookies, history and Reading list items saved in the old "Project Spartan version to be lost. Microsoft says users who want to keep them should perform a back-up before updating Windows 10 to the new build 10158. It adds:

"When using a Windows locale setting other than en-US, users may have difficulty accessing about:flags. To workaround this issue, temporarily change your locale to en-US and set your desired flags. Your flags will be preserved even if you change your locale again afterward."

Source: Microsoft