Budget phones have been Microsoft's theme for the last few months, and that trend does not look to let up. Latest rumors have a Lumia 435 and Lumia 1330 on the immediate horizon, likely for a Mobile World Congress announcement or perhaps even sooner.

The Lumia 435 has not been discussed much around here due to the lack of hard evidence, but now that looks to be changing. ANATEL (Agencia Nacional de Telecomunicacoes) is Brazil's equivalent of the FCC in the United States. As such, they occasionally let slip new phones before their public announcement, and that is what has happened with the Lumia 435.

The actual reference to a 'Lumia 435' is spotted in one of the approval documents from ANATEL noting that it is "traded with the Nokia Lumia 435 model name" (odd how this may not be a Microsoft-branded device).

Not too much is known about the Lumia 435 (RM-1068), though it is thought to be a dual-SIM device sporting a 4-inch 800 x 480 display, Snapdragon 200 CPU with 64.7 x 118.1 mm dimensions and a 5 MP rear shooter.

How the Lumia 435 differs from the already budget-friendly Lumia 530 is anyone's guess at this point. Perhaps the more interesting bit is this is the first time we see the Lumia line dip below the 5xx series into 4xx range, demarcating a new pricing point.

The Lumia 435 has also been caught at the FCC and through some import logs in India, suggesting that this could be a global push for the yet-announced budget phone.

How low can Microsoft go? We are not sure, but we are keen on hearing more about this phone in the coming weeks.

Source: ANATEL; via Janela Tech; Thanks, Carla S., for the tip!