Lumia 610

The entry-level Lumia 610 Windows Phone is now available at Big W in Australia (following New Zealand), at an enticing price of just $229. The low end hardware running Windows Phone "Tango" enables Microsoft and manufacture partners to penetrate the prepaid market, which we've seen with in the states with both Best Buy and Walmart offering Nokia Windows Phones on prepaid plans.

While the Lumia 610 is considered a "low-end" smartphone, unlike Android counterparts, it doesn't suffer from performance issues and the same Windows Phone experience witnessed on the likes of the HTC TITAN II or Lumia 900 is packed within. In fact, the Lumia 610 goes one better than more expensive Windows Phones as it has Internet sharing pre-loaded and ready to go, and an upcoming version even supports NFC.

Big W, the retailer stocking this handset, is offering the Lumia 610 with a bundled Boost Mobile prepaid agreement. Included with this deal is $40 Boost Mobile credit and SIM to get started (which further pulls down the cost of the handset itself to just $189).

Lumia 610 Big W

Available is both pink and blue, there's no confirmation that the deal present at this time will still be listed after the catalogue dates close on July 25th - so be sure to hurry up if you're interested. While the device is quadband, it's locked to the Optus network. That aside, it's a solid deal for a starter package with a solid experience on a Nokia Windows Phone.

Source: Big W, via:  WPDownUnder