It is half way through the month of May and Nokia’s latest (and technically last) Lumias are starting to see the light of day. This morning, the Lumia 630, 635 and 930 were all announced as heading to Brazil, at various dates with some pricing info, as well. Perhaps more interestingly, the Lumia 630 will evidently come with Mobile DTV (Digital TV). For those who aren’t aware, DTV is a standard for delivering free over-the-air Mobile Digital TV signals, which is pretty great.

Let’s see what’s coming and when.

  • Lumia 630 Dual SIM – Early June, R$ 699 ($316) with Digital TV receiver
  • Lumia 630 - Single SIM, without DTV, for Claro and for R$ 549 ($248)
  • Lumia 635 - Single SIM, without DTV, third quarter, no pricing announced.
  • Lumia 930 – Third quarter, no pricing announced

The Nokia Lumia 630 and 635 are both excellent budget devices, and we’re hearing some good things about them so far. The addition of DTV for Brazil (and only Brazil, at this point) should definitely enhance the desirability of the phone and help in marketing. The project was reportedly done by INdT (Nokia Institute of Technology) to help localize the device for that market.

Unfortunately for the Lumia 930, its release is still on the horizon but at least Brazil (and presumably neighboring Latin American countries) will be getting it at some point.

Source: Show Me Tech; Thanks, Leoberto, for the tip!