lumia 635

The UK's Unlocked Mobiles has sent over word they now have the Lumia 635 in stock for the price of £144.98, which is about £5 less than what another retailer, Clove, has for its units of the Windows Phone 8.1 device.

Both Clove and Unlocked Mobiles are selling the budget priced phone a day earlier than Microsoft's own official release date for the Lumia 635 in the UK. Unlocked Mobiles says they have the Black, Green and Orange colors for the device in stock.

These reports come just a few days before the Lumia 635 goes on sale in the U.S. via T-Mobile, with early sales starting on July 5 on the cable TV Home Shopping Network, and a full online launch on July 9.

If you live in the UK, do you plan to pick up the Lumia 635 from these retailers?

Source: Unlocked Mobiles