Lumia 710

Nokia has announced that they are aware of a bug with the Lumia 710, where a user disconnects from a call but the screen continues to report the call as being connected. Not only is this a visual irritant, it led users to believe that they were being additionally charged for the delayed call ending.

Owners took to the Nokia support forum to cry out for assistance on the issue. This is not the first problem Nokia Windows Phone owners have come across, with the 800 being plagued by battery life issues. Official Nokia Support representative 'Unwired' published the following statement:

"Nokia is continuing to analyze this software issue and is close to a fix. The fix will be made available via Zune as soon as possible. It is difficult to say when. One other important fact about this issue is that the phone modem is responding to the call disconnect signal from the touch display, the call is taken down as it should. The issue is that the user interface displays the call disconnect button but is should not. Consequently consumer are not being excessively billed for a call that seems to be staying up."

Good news for owners of the handset that a fix is well on its way, and that no additional charges will be applied to your bill, but until the update is released a reboot will be required to rid the pesky call screen.

Source: Nokia Support, via: TNW