Lumia 735

Sometimes, just sometimes, the British carriers and retailers can surprise us by offering up some pretty amazing deals on new devices. Just recently I picked up a searingly bright green Lumia 735 from O2 at a price and bundle deal that was almost too good to be true. So if you're looking to treat the loved ones (including yourself) in your life to a new Windows Phone this Christmas time, it might well be worth a look.

We like the Lumia 735 a lot in these parts, and when you're able to pick it up for £139.99 (plus £10 worth of O2 credit if you're not already a customer with them) it's impossible not to love it. Throw in a free wireless charging plate and Coloud Bang speaker redeemable online, and it's almost a no-brainer.

If O2 isn't your carrier of choice, you're still going to be able to grab this great phone for a great price. Three will sell you one for £149.99 (plus that standard £10 worth of pay-as-you-go credit) albeit without the bundle. You will get a £20 Microsoft gift card though for a limited time.

Add another £10 again and head to Carphone Warehouse and you'll be able to get the Cyan version of the 735, exclusive to the retailer in the UK. Sure, it's only a clip on shell, but what a shell. O2 still offers the best deal pound-for-pound, but if you just can't work with that as your carrier choice, there are other options for not a lot more. Compare all these to the Microsoft Store price of £189.99 for the phone – unlocked, granted – and you're saving a decent amount of money on a really great phone.

If you come across any other great deals on the Lumia 735, be sure to drop them into the comments below!