Recently, Rogers became one of the first carriers in Canada to acquire the Lumia 830 'affordable flagship' smartphone. At the time, we noted that this did not preclude other carriers from getting the phone as well, which is great for those who have a strong distaste for Rogers.

Windows Phone Central has now confirmed with people familiar with the matter that Bell is slated to launch the Lumia 830 on October 15. Unfortunately, pricing information is not available, though we have seen internal references for the launch to verify its authenticity.

Bell is positioning the Lumia 830 for the "savvy consumer and business customer" and it marks a rare return of Lumia phones to the Canadian carrier. Bell has been remiss to stock the latest Windows Phones and this could be a thawing in that policy (the ATIV S was their last major Windows Phone).

The Lumia 830 features a 5-inch 720P display along with a 10 MP PureView camera, Qi wireless charging, 16 GB of internal memory with micro SD expansion. Although the phone borrows its looks from the Lumia 930, it is much thinner and less bulky, making it ideal for casual customers.

Will other carriers in Canada like Telus pick up the Lumia 830? We are hearing some rumblings and will follow up when we have more information.