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International pre-ordering of the Lumia 900 and 610 have gone under way and with AT&T busy prepping stores across the U.S. for the upcoming release of the Lumia 900, it's great to see availability surfacing in Europe (and beyond). We've combined three reports into one - Italy, Mexico and Brazil.


As one can see in the above screen capture, the Lumia 900 international version is available for €599, with a €99 pre-order fee / deposit, at NStore in Italy. The low-budget Lumia 610 is available at just €199, with a €49 pre-order fee / deposit (deducted from total cost). The 256MB RAM Windows Phone is also headed for the UK, Ireland, the Netherlands, and India to name a few more destinations.

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As well as Italy, we've had reports coming in that the Facebook page for Nokia Mexico features a countdown to when the "Amazing Everyday" will kick off with Lumia Windows Phones (Lumia 710 and 800) - 16 days from now. Unfortunately no information is currently displayed on the Nokia Lumia Momentum map.


Finally Brazil have had the Lumia 710 and 800 since March 22nd, but it would appear as though the Lumia 900 is on the way, with Gizmodo reporting that the handset has passed through Anatel (the country's equivalent of the FCC). Should you be holding off on something slightly larger than the 800, you may want to keep an eye out for 900 availability.

That's it for now.  We'll continue to keep you posted as the Nokia Lumia's availability continues to span the globe.

Source: NStore (Lumia 610 / Lumia 900), Nokia MexicoGizmodo, via: Plaffo, MiProximoMovil; thanks eveyrone who tipped us!