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Though the past few days have looked fairly grim for Nokia, who posted a €590 loss for Q1, there is some positive news for the Finnish manufacturer.  It appears that signs of strong sales of the Lumia 900 have proven true, especially for the cyan model, which has now sold out completely on Best Buy's website.  We saw the same thing happen a few days ago over at AT&T, who initially sold out of both the black and cyan, but has since restocked their black models.  The cyan, however, still remains "temporarily out of stock." 

Lumia 900 sells out on Best Buy's website

The Best Buy and AT&T sellouts are important both to consumers and carriers alike.  Carriers are beginning to see that Windows Phone can be a viable option in the marketplace.  Verizon recently said in a conference call that they see a place for Windows Phone and hinted at a future increase in offerings, though some European carriers remain skeptical.  Consumers are seeing that there now a clear alternative to Android and Apple.  In fact, our online poll indicated that the majority of people who became Lumia 900 owners were in fact converts from iPhones or Android devices.  Sure, it's not the most scientific evidence, but it's surely a positive sign.

Source: Best Buy; Thanks for the tip, kylengai!

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