Lumia 920 on AT&T price drop to $49.99

From this Friday AT&T will be offering the Lumia 920 at any of its company owned retail stores for $49.99. Of course you’ll need to sign a contract for two years with voice and data, but at least the carrier will be matching both Amazon and Walmart.

This Friday will see plenty of ‘crazy deals’ but this still some compelling pricing from AT&T who are already selling the device for $99.99.  The deal is available from this Friday 23rd to the 25th for those of you who are keen to grab one.

The Lumia 920 is a premium quality phone with a set of features and specifications that puts it well above some other flagship devices. AT&T is already offering the device at a seriously good price of $99.99 on a contract basis so when they offer up the unit for $49.99 will folks be able to resist?

Here in the UK pricing of handsets has been something of a token consideration almost since the explosion in retail mobile phones kicked off. In the US devices have been kept at rates which in some ways help consumers differentiate the higher quality nature of the handsets. Well, that and the carriers rake in even more money of course.

A quick look at the deal shows that the HTC One X is going for $199.99 as a black Friday deal, but will the new Lumia 920 pricing make it look slightly on the cheap side? Sometimes cheap can just look 'cheap' when people are buying into something. One only need look at the pricing for luxury goods to see why price is key to perception but this is a slightly differnent market.

This is of course a black Friday deal and if you have been waiting for the best possible moment to pick up this superb handset we’d urge you not to miss out.

Source: AT&T