Lumia 920 Guest Apperance

We’ve talked about it before, but here’s another example of the Windows Phone platform gaining some mainstream support and recognition. What we have below is a video of the photography strengths found in the Lumia 920 on a local NBC news station in Dallas.

The segment highlights some features and smartphones to help take your photography to the “next level”. The Lumia 920 fared well in the eyes of the anchors. Check it out.

The segment highlights the ability to use the Smart Shoot lens on the Lumia 920, like the ability to select the best face for a person in a picture or the ability to remove someone from a picture if they walk in. Old tricks for most of you reading the site, but it’s really cool to see Windows Phone gaining some traction in the eyes of the public. One thing we wish Nokia and Microsoft would communicate to the public better is how easy and powerful the camera is. A killer ad would highlight the photon eating powers of the Lumia 920. Anyways, we're a news site not consulting firm.

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Source: NBC DFW Thanks for the tip Rodney E. Jones!