Looks like Best Buy heard about AT&T's announcement today as the electronics chain has unceremoniously returned the Lumia 920 to pre-order status on their site. What's more, it's at the lower price of just $99, meaning if you had BB gift certificates or like using their rewards system, you can now do so.

The devices are still not yet searchable, meaning we're kind of beating Best Buy to the punch here. But we imagine they will show up soon enough in all colors.

For those of you who pre-ordered earlier and still have existing orders, the good news is Best Buy will price match AT&T's new lower offering. As noted on Twitter in response to the question: "We have the 30 day Price Match Guarantee." So you may have to call and haggle with them a bit but it is certainly doable. No word on whether or not you'll get that free wireless charging plate, however there may be other ways

Ironically, the same or URL links for all Lumia 920 colors still work, so if you feel like using them, here you go:

Thanks, Dan D. and Peter D. for the tips!

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