Lumia 930

Eagerly awaiting the launch of the Lumia 930 in India? We have some bad news for you, as it looks like Microsoft is delaying the launch of the device in the country. The Lumia 930 has been delisted from Nokia's Indian website, and at this stage there is no information as to when the device will be available in the country.

Until last week, Nokia India had the Lumia 930 as "Coming Soon," but the device page has been removed from the site this week. However, the support pages for the Lumia 930 are still intact, indicating that the device might be reenlisted in the near future.

Meanwhile, the device is still listed as "Coming Soon" on Flipkart, with no mention of a launch date. As for offline availability, we talked to major retailers in the region, who confirmed that they did not receive any official word regarding the launch of the device in India.

One reason for the removal of the device form Nokia's product pages may stem from the overheating issues reported last week. Several users wrote to us stating that the back of the Lumia 930 was heating up considerably while surfing the web. If you're facing similar issues, join the discussion in our forums.

As for the availability of the Lumia 930 in the country, we have reached out to Microsoft India and will get back to you as soon as we hear more on the matter.

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