Lumia 950

AT&T has now confirmed that it will be selling Microsoft's Lumia 950 on Tuesday, Nov. 17. It will begin selling the first smartphone with Windows 10 Mobile out of the box in its retail stores starting on Friday, Nov. 20.

The 5.2-inch smartphone will cost $149.99 with a two-year contract, and AT&T is offering consumers a way to pay for the phone per month via its Next plans. The Next 12 plan has the user paying $29.95 a month for 20 months for the Lumia 950, while the Next 18 plan will cost $24.96 a month for 24 months. Finally, the Next 24 plan will cost $19.97 a month for 30 months.

AT&T has not officially revealed its no-contract price for the Lumia 950. However, a Windows Central reader has tipped us that it will be $598.99. We are contacting AT&T to see if we can confirm that price. The carrier did say that people who purchase the Lumia 950 on an AT&T Next plan will be eligible to purchase a Surface 3 tablet for just $399.99.

Source: AT&T

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