lumia 1020

It appears that the Lumia Cyan update has begun its rollout in the UK for owners of the Lumia 1020, as we have received tips that users on both the Vodafone and o2 networks have begun receiving their over the air updates for Windows Phone 8.1.

This likely means that a lot more 1020 owners will soon be able to check out Microsoft's latest mobile OS. Keep in mind that these kinds of OTA downloads are typically rolled out in stages, so if you live in the UK and have a Lumia 1020, you might not be able to download the Cyan update immediately.

This news comes just after Microsoft India confirmed that the Lumia Cyan update will be released in that country sometime on Friday. Just a reminder: anyone who has the Lumia 1020 and has already downloaded and installed the Developer Preview version needs to downgrade to Windows Phone 8.0 before they download the new over-the-air update to 8.1.

If you own a Lumia 1020 and live in the UK are you excited about the prospect of downloading the Cyan update and updating to Windows Phone 8.1?

Thanks to "Great deal" and Oliver for the tips