Windows Phone

Last week a woman says she was attacked in a bar for wearing Google Glass. It took place in Molotov’s, a San Francisco bar in the Lower Haight district.  It’s an area where you’ll find a lot of young artists and post-college vagabonds idling about. Sarah Slocum was the victim and the incident a real-life manifestation of the comment section of a tech site.

The incident took place last Friday when a man ripped the Google Glass off her face and took off out the bar. She took after the man running out the street. Leaving behind her purse and phone in the bar, which were then stolen. Sarah was able to recover her Google Glass, but is yet to get her purse and phone back. Sarah later posted the video from Glass to her YouTube channel. You can check it out below, though note the video only was set to only record in 10 second increments.

Luckily, no one was hurt.

This story makes the lot of you look civil. And we say that with love! Which is why we think you’ll appreciate this satire piece over at SF Weekly where a woman was also attacked at a bar for using Windows Phone. Here’s what our fictional damsel in distress said about that imaginary incident:

“I got a text from one of my allies in the domiciled community (an activist term for people with homes) and wanted to call back. But when I brought out my Nokia Lumia, the crowd turned ugly."

The police report on that fight is also hilarious. In it we learn that the attackers, a man and woman, attacked the woman with the Windows Phone after confronting her about the lack of a strong app ecosystem in the Windows Phone Store and overall market penetration.

Read the full piece over at SF Weekly and start your weekend with a good laugh.

Via: Reddit