Dino Escape

Amsterdam-based game developer and publisher Lunagames says that it has recorded over five million downloads of its titles made for Windows Phone since it launched its first games for Microsoft's operating system in May 2014. It now plans to increase its Windows Phone support with the aim of doubling its game downloads by the end of 2014.

Richard Hazenberg, the CEO of Lunagames, stated:

"We believe that the vision of one Windows Store across multiple devices will offer developers an even greater opportunity to reach consumers moving forward. We will be expanding our development capacity to deliver our daily feel good moments to all Windows devices. Furthermore, we just launched a publishing program that will help interested developers maximise the Windows opportunity."

Lunagames currently has 27 titles released for Windows Phone, including the most recent title Dino Escape: Jurassic Hunter. Have you played any of Lunagames's Windows Phone titles?

Source: Lunagames