With the overhaul that mobile Office is getting in Mango, word has also come down that a mobile version of Lync, the inter-office communication and VOIP system, will be made available for users in the Fall.

But which features will be on board has been a bit of mystery, until Microsoft manager Paul Bryan discussed it a bit in an interview with ZDnet:

We're still working through some of the capabilities and we don't know exactly how far we'll be able to get in this release. IM and presence are the primary features. There may be more capabilities we can connect to over time.

If you know what Lync can do, you can kind of see the future beyond the first release of the app. We definitely see IM and presence as the core capabilities of the experience.

Reading between the lines, it sounds like Microsoft is juggling a lot with Mango and trying to get as much done as possible. But like all things, this v1.0 will be just the beginning of Lync for mobile and will have to go through revisions to get it up to full specs. Still, something is better than nothing and we think this will go a long way to win over corporate users. [See our hands on with Mango Office, from yesterday]

Added: Mary Jo Foley reports that Lync Online, a companion of sorts to Office 365, also won't launch with voice--making IM/presence the key features of Lync a certainty

Source: ZDNet