Mail and Calendar, Microsoft Photos, and Store app updated on Windows 10 desktop and Mobile

Microsoft is issuing another round of updates to some of its core apps for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile this evening. In all, it looks like updates are hitting for Microsoft Photos, Outlook Mail and Calendar, and the Store app.

Overall, the Store app looks to be the only one with any visually apparent changes, with a new security setting for purchases (pictured below).

Store app security setting

Other than that, there don't appear to be any big new features to look forward to with the updates, but we have noticed the apps feel more responsive (and yes, faster). It's likely that these updates simply add some spit and polish with bug fixes and performance improvements, but be sure to shout out in the comments below if you notice something we've missed.

If version numbers are your cup of tea, Photos has moved up from version 15.922.11070 to 15.928.18220, while the Store app makes the jump to 2015.9.25.1 from 2015.9.9.2. Finally, for Mail and Calendar we're looking at a move from version 17.6224.42272 to 17.6224.42282 on Mobile and 17.6224.42281 on desktop.

As always, you can check in the Store app on your Windows Phone or Windows 10 machine to grab the latest updates, or simply hit up the links to the Windows Store below.

Update: It looks like there was one other change in the Mail and Calendar update, which should be welcome for many. While the new dark theme was previously only available to Windows Insiders, it now looks to be available to everyone.

Thanks for the tips, everyone!

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