Transparency Tiles

Today is evidently Start screen day, as more and more developers are quickly pumping out apps for Windows Phone 8.1. Last night we gave you a guide on some ways to make your Start screen shine on 8.1, and this morning we gave you two more apps (Tilesparency and Clock Hub) to add to your list.

Now, we have a third one to share. No worries, it does something different and I think you’ll like it. Transparency Tiles is an app from developer Matthew Miller and it’s free to use. Its purpose? It generates new Tiles for Xbox Music, Xbox Games and Xbox Video that are now transparent.

The app is super simple to use: launch it, create transparent Tile, resize and reposition as needed.

Miller has told us that he’s going to update it again today with even more Tiles for various apps. I imagine this could become a thing until devs update their own apps to support Tile transparency. In that regard, if you have a request, you can drop them off here in comments as I’m sure Miller will be listening! (I’m guessing one limitation with this method is these will be static Tiles only)

Update: There was a technical problem with links to this story not working; it has now been fixed

Pick up Transparency Tiles here in the Store for free. Windows Phone 8.1 only!

QR: Transparency Tiles