Its seems as though google is neck and neck with windows mobile apps available for download. Microsoft currently has Live search, Live Messenger, Live Search Bar built into most mobile phones and Mobile Outlook ready for the Windows Mobile community as we speak . Google has been firing back with apps such as Google Maps, Gmail through Java, GMobileSync and the new addition of Google Search Bar.

So you may wonder which suite is best for you? Well it really depends on what kind of user you are. If you find you self addicted to Outlook and MSN messenger than the first apps are going to feel familiar, whereas if you like the threaded chat style email or the Google search results, then the latter is the best choice.

In order to get started on some of these amazing apps you will want to have an unlimited data plan because of the internet usage. Then point your mobile browser to and download Google Maps and the new Today Screen Plugin, or hit up and download Microsoft's Live Search. Or heck - do what I do and download them all -- it never hurts to have an extra tool on your smartphone.

Me, I tend use Google apps more due to the ease and familiarity. Using Gmail through Java is a cinch since I don

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